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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Between Here and There

There is a boundary between here and there
It's not a fence or a wall
But a finger drawn line in the sand
A whisper breath of chamomile tea

I can see them from time to time
Those who went first
Like a line of lemmings jumping in one after another

They send words in liquid form
A trail of thoughts that are intended to help but often don't

Pay attention there is something to learn
It isn't always about you
Everything will work out

We mingle in those ideas for a minutiae of a second

The perfume of freshly grilled tortillas
A rose at the peak of life
The leavings of a particular canine
Occasional whiffs of the prairie from a couple of centuries ago
Announcing which of them has offerings

Being me, I often rail at their advice
While they smile and wait
(I sense the smile as it is not seen)
Those from before know eventually I will pause

To pay attention

Soon understanding that it isn't always about me


 Breathing until everything works out

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