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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Meet a Random New Friend Club

     We are not islands. Humans are bonded by DNA and life experience. All life experience, not just the preferred version of what looks, sounds or behaves like our individual perception.

     A few blog posts ago I wrote about Humans without Borders. It's an idea for living together without boxes defined by religion, race, gender or any other means to determine difference, getting us back to our tribal base. In the piece I wrote about creating a gathering to welcome a newcomer to the Midwest. The woman was someone I met in line to buy coffee. At the scheduled meeting, 11 greeters showed up, but the guest of honor had a dentist appointment. When we met for a repeat, 8 people came and some for the first time. 
     A portion of both groups knew one another and some didn't. The age range went from 30's to 80's, the backgrounds diverse, many religious views were present, while political positions were kept private. There were those who didn't have children, others still with birds in the nest and still more who had moved onto grandparent duties. Smiles lit with recognition of similarities and acknowledgement of differences with a simple bob of the head. The tribe gathered in to share stories, laugh and remember who we are.

     We walk together on most occasions without acknowledging that we are all in the same great circle.

This is the beginning of another new idea called Meet a Random New Friend Club. Once every 6-8 weeks I'll post an invite for a tribal gathering. It'll be a surprise who shows up since I've asked friends to pass the invite on to their friends, who are welcome to pass it on as well. 
      It's comfortable to sit with those who understand us, think like us and believe the same beliefs. It's comfortable but limiting. The smaller the island the less room to grow as individuals and as a human collective. By opening a channel to people we've never met, it let's in other perspectives which can ignite conversation not dictation. I believe we're onto something here. Please consider starting this in your tribal region and I'll post your stories on this blog. 
     Let's remember how big our circle is and widen our hearts and minds in the process.