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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Why of a People Person

     In the last post I wrote of how I shifted my thinking from lone wolf to a member of a cherished pack. I've been asked by a reader the whys and hows of the change in my circuitry. Here is my response.
     This blog, 20 Gurus and a Dog, began as a structure for putting a book together from a wide range of stories on how I got from flat life to 3D life. The book is nearly finished (again). What I learned through collating and discarding (while screaming in horror),is that "done" is relative. There is always a T to cross or an I to dot in a book, as well as a life. Which is why the dream I shared yesterday is so relevant. I was once again reminded that everything evolves, even a learning. There are many layers to a concept, a belief, a living breathing moment. The layer in the answer cake today is:

     Knowing what is someone else's clarifies what is mine.

This is about boundaries. The imaginary line designating you from me. The elusive outer and inner membrane, as well as the albumen that separates parent from child, husband from wife, brother from sister, human from human. I discussed this differently in a blog from December, You are You and I am Me. There isn't too much that can be said about the boundary subject. It is the root cause of many of the problems associated with modern living. In the context of this post, I reference it to understand why I found myself pining for my pack.

     Because I am able to miss them.

When I'm all gummed up in someone else's albumen I am sick of myself and them. The other person's molecules slip side alongside mine, so what's to miss if they are gone? If I have another human's plan copulating under my own there is no mystery, nothing to share at the end of a day since I already know how the movie ends.


Instead of exhausting or boring myself with a "to do" list culled from other people's stuff I am focused on my own, i.e., the reminders I typed in yesterday. There was another I didn't put on the list, but it is a good one for today.

     The God conduit is through self.

The spirit pipeline isn't through someone else's lips, it is the inner view of All that IS. The one that came down the maternal chute with each of us individually. 
    I close my eyes to see the rich landscape of a place not so far away. It houses the wisdom of the Universe, the love of endless possibility and the wide open space of Everything. It is here that I remember how to be none other than who I am. One spirit on a planet filled with life. Not merely or only, I am one of a pack of All.


Friday, February 20, 2015

People Person

     For the entirety of my now 54 years (oh my God), I have secretly described myself as a lone wolf. One who travels best as an only. Understand that I love my husband and children beyond the reaches of the Universe, but inside I have acknowledged that when by myself I breathe more peacefully. That is until now.


The children (haha they are 21), have moved into their own lives. My husband and I see them on select vacations but that is dwindling down to a week here and there. As the offspring becomes less visible my spouse has invested more fully in his occupation, as have I. What was once a bustling metropolis, is frequently just two dogs awaiting dinner. 
     Due to a work trip sandwiched next to a visit to see our son my husband would be gone for close to two weeks. I was to be left completely to my own devices. Inwardly I jumped up and down with wild expectation at the deep sea of one-ness. Imagine my surprise when only half way through that deep blue ocean, I found myself missing.
     I missed someone sneaking a peak at my tits while I undressed for the bath and being awakened by a loud rankling snore.

     I missed arguments over who stole the hairbrush, left dirty dishes in the sink or discovering stinking dirty socks curled under the bed in a ball.

     I missed the companionship of the dream team snarking and laughing at the dinner table until the food grew cold.

On a morning three days before anyone would come home I am overcome by the sunrise. I have just awoken from a dream where I remembered a few truths. 

     Time is irrelevant.

     God presents everything.

     I am responsible for my own participation.

     It isn't always about me.

     Don't believe your own press, good or bad.

     Knowing what is someone else's clarifies what is mine.

     Gratitude is God.

The sunrise I captured with my phone, unable to share it in person with the people who matter. I am a lone wolf, but one of a pack I treasure.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Life of IS

Nature is a reflection of All

It isn’t just a tree
Or a river split in two
There is no such thing as just a human being

Wind is movement in literal form

The gazelle racing through tall grass
A wave as it crashes to shore
There is no such thing as only

The Earth is

She guides the elements of the planet from the center of everything
The how’s and why’s and what about’s are in the air we breathe
It is merely a matter of Paying Attention

IT is an Elemental universe

On the land that is before us
While rain waters the Spirit of Everything
The droplets carry lineage and future

Simply one of all

It matters naught what one believes in a world such as this
What is, IS
Whether it is noticed, approved or participated in

a life of is

Wisdom is in all droplets between here and there
Face up to the sky and breathe
Accepting a fluid possibility of Everything

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Between Here and There

There is a boundary between here and there
It's not a fence or a wall
But a finger drawn line in the sand
A whisper breath of chamomile tea

I can see them from time to time
Those who went first
Like a line of lemmings jumping in one after another

They send words in liquid form
A trail of thoughts that are intended to help but often don't

Pay attention there is something to learn
It isn't always about you
Everything will work out

We mingle in those ideas for a minutiae of a second

The perfume of freshly grilled tortillas
A rose at the peak of life
The leavings of a particular canine
Occasional whiffs of the prairie from a couple of centuries ago
Announcing which of them has offerings

Being me, I often rail at their advice
While they smile and wait
(I sense the smile as it is not seen)
Those from before know eventually I will pause

To pay attention

Soon understanding that it isn't always about me


 Breathing until everything works out