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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How Do I?

As a child it was an easy question
It rose to the lips with little thought or care

How do I?

How do I feed myself?
How do I tie my shoes?
How do I breathe?

When the moments strung well past a million
I forgot how to ask
Instead I knew everything
And if I didn't, I'd figure it out on my own

When the moments strung well past 10 million
At the end of everything, I asked

How do I breathe?
Oh yes I remember
How do I smile?
Oh yes that's right
How do I dance?
Yes, just like this

When the moments strung well past 20 million
I asked again and again
How do I 
How do I
How do I?

Oh yes I remember
The roots rise from the Earth
They swirl up over my legs and ankles
 A strong wooden lace net shows me how
I feel grace and permission 
To dance and to breathe

When the moments are past counting
Ah yes
It is an easy question

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