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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Lingering Moment

I've said good bye so many times
The wave should come naturally
As I walk in the other direction
Leaving tasks and humans in my wake
It should be easy

I was told this is how it is
That life is about leaving
Stay then go
Breathe and stop
It should be easy
By now

Fall leaves when Winter arrives
She doesn't throw a tantrum or cry endlessly
Wailing over another good bye
Instead she sheds naturally in fits and spurts
Until there is nothing left of her at all
It should be easy

Letting go
Watching them fade into their future
Wisping into the next whatever
The smell of them fading last
Until memories are the only hangers-on
It should be easy
By now

I wonder if Fall is crying in subterfuge
Her teardrops the dew 
Mingling in leaves
Those triumphant colors a ruse
While she grieves in private
It should be easy 

I linger for a moment
Begging for subterfuge
The ability to shed
Under a blanket of brightly colored leaves
Until the scent of them fades
 Memories drifing in their wake
It should be easy