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Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Life of IS

Nature is a reflection of All

It isn’t just a tree
Or a river split in two
There is no such thing as just a human being

Wind is movement in literal form

The gazelle racing through tall grass
A wave as it crashes to shore
There is no such thing as only

The Earth is

She guides the elements of the planet from the center of everything
The how’s and why’s and what about’s are in the air we breathe
It is merely a matter of Paying Attention

IT is an Elemental universe

On the land that is before us
While rain waters the Spirit of Everything
The droplets carry lineage and future

Simply one of all

It matters naught what one believes in a world such as this
What is, IS
Whether it is noticed, approved or participated in

a life of is

Wisdom is in all droplets between here and there
Face up to the sky and breathe
Accepting a fluid possibility of Everything

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