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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is our Glass Half Full or Overflowing?

The reason I believe we arrive with the full package is because nature reflects our human experience.  Animals, trees, pond scum are "birthed" free of man made clutter.  Life arrives unencumbered by societal data.   The only hierarchies are based on survival, mating and the ability to harness food.  This is easily seen in wolf tribes, but more difficult to discern in a copse of trees, though it is still present in the reach towards sunlight, the root growth for water and the endless stream of nuts to give the DNA opportunity to go on. 
Why is this important?
Because the rules and hierarchies humans create are for the same reasons, though for us it is further compounded by the creation of Ego.  Survival is DNA and fear based. 
Which is necessary?
DNA based survival is innate and fear is created by society to preserve individuals and collectives.  From this secondary survival mechanism restrictive rules have been and continue to be created which limit the ability to hear our own spirit, think clear of clutter, breathe unimpeded by governance and see this experience for what it exploration neither good nor bad, but very interesting.
As a new acquaintance Bernie noted, we can be stripped of what has been indoctrinated in a tsunami wave of difficulty, freeing the ability to remember who, what and why we are.  It is not necessary to learn this, I have found it isn't even necessary to believe this.  I didn't believe it, but in my investigation I approached it under the hypothesis that history has claimed it for the chosen, i.e., Jesus, Buddha, the Dalai Lama. 
If these examples are accepted as true, which I carried healthy skepticism, what purpose do the stories have?
To create hierarchies?
To create subservience?
To dangle the unattainable carrot?
These were my questions as well as one more.
If it was possible for them, then why not me?
In each of their stories, they state one thing consistently.
"This is for you as well."
"You" meaning US.  That we each had this ability according to men from long ago and today means what exactly?
From my exploration which included shit storms and multiples smacks of hoo-ha, I have come to find I was born with the innate ability to know the who, what and why of me and this experience.  The only person in the way of gathering the information or ability to gather ALL is me.
Each day I encounter rules, have to's and limiting ideas.  It is with acknowledgement to my fully formed self, which I misplace from time to time, that I stop, breathe and listen. 
The answers are always there.

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