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Monday, April 29, 2013

I Choose Gratitude

     Affirmations are joyful, not always intentional and live long after they are spoken.

     "I no longer choose to donate my body to this life experience."

     That sounds like a non-affirmation.

     "It is."

     Why is it working?

     "Why do you think?"

     I spent a lot of time at the negative bar.

     In fact I probably have a drink or two named after my angst.

     Did Mind fuck with me?

     "Did it feel like Mind?"

     No, it felt like Spirit.  But Spirit isn't into negative.

     "Did it get your attention?"

     Well I dumped the Diet Coke, both figuratively and forever.

     I haven't even craved one.


     It got the ball rolling by using words I used to identify with.


     Power is attracted to like power.

     If I use the statement for action it will be about what I DON'T want.

     "And so?"

     I choose gratitude.


     I choose gratitude for my body, my life, my mind, my spirit, for ALL.

     Peaceful silence.

     The Diet Coke really worked for awhile.

     "That's why you chose it in the first place.  It helped you breathe."

     Thank you coping mechanism.  

     I lived long enough to know I don't need you anymore.

     Ahhh.  Blessings in the most quirky of places.


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