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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tri-Pod Engaged

I met Shawn when it became obvious the size of my ass wasn't going to reverse all on it's own because I decided it was time.  A few days into a mundane workout I heard high pitched exuberance bouncing off the humdrum monotony at the gym.

     "Oh my gosh, look at you!  You're doing it!"

Her cheerful excitement made my dour mood shudder inwardly. 


      She's SO happy about exercising.

Shawn continued to coach a client.  I imagined the unlucky subject would soon catapult out of the building to escape the upbeat tone.  Warily I noticed a few more sit ups than normal were wrenched out of me.


     "It is time."

      What, she asks with dread?

     "It is time to claim your power."

      Dude, that's so last year.

      We went through this with the whole liquefying enterprise.

      I began meditating and practicing serenity.

      Done, finis, discipline engaged.

      "Yes, your mind is becoming disciplined."

     Hey Big Guy, you gotta give me creds for the spirit stuff.

     "You have engaged your spirit and the dance has begun."

      "It is time for your physical body to follow."


     "You are a tri-pod."

     I sorta exercise.

     I have a gym membership and bike when it's warm.

     "Where is your power?"

     Where is my power?

Most of my life I'd relied on sugar, carbs and caffeine to propel from one crisis to another.  Recently I'd given up wheat on a dare from my husband.  Unfortunately I'd discovered upon the removal of bread, pasta and cake, more energy was at my disposal and a long term skin rash disappeared.


The rocket fuel had served a purpose, allowing me to survive, but survival was no longer the point.

     I choose life.

A spirit requires activation.  I had done this with the wild shout out to break open my heart chakra several years prior.  When the wobbly center displayed itself twelve months ago, a meditation practice was engaged to discipline my mind.  Minus gasoline, the physical body would need to be brought to the party.  Chirpy, happy Shawn welcomed me to the tribe.

     "Hi Deb!  Let's get too it, you're gonna LOVE what I've got planned."

Somewhere a Voice smiled.

Power is everlasting
It cannot be created or destroyed
But it can be transformed
A drumbeat echoes in a small wood
The drummer blends in the vibration
Space between the beats reach to the sky
Above the planet music greets sounds from past and future
A drummer transforms in the wisdom of ALL
Shedding the old ways, creating new
Power cannot be created or destroyed
We can be transformed

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