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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Breathe, Dog Paddle, Breathe


      "Healing is always possible" 
     Tell that to the masses and there will be an ugly uprising.
     "Yet it is so."
     What kind of healing are you talking about?
     "Healing of all."
     Cancer, wheel chair bound, genetic diseases, whatever's out there?
     "Don't get lost in the details."
     "There is nothing without ALL."
     You once said this is merely scenery, not good or bad, but scenery.
      Illness is scenery?
     "This realm is a cacophony of sights, sounds and experience."
     What's scenery got to do with healing?
     "Healing is a state of spirit."
     What do you mean?
     "As you travel reality fades and story time takes over.  Healing is an act of claiming 
      truth in place of fiction."
      In the face of illness?
     "In spite of it."
     "There is no perfection other than the perfection of spirit truth."
     "Scenery is an illusion."
     So, get the fuck over it?
     "No.  USE it.  Incorporate the happenings into the experience."
     Is spontaneous body healing an act of God?
     "It is an act of ALL."
      Right person, time and place?
     "It is a dance of awareness."
     "Light arrives, a near blend with dark, cascading into ALL."
     That sounds like crap.
     Why do some people physically, emotionally or mentally heal and others do not?
     "There is nothing without ALL."
      What's the big secret?
     "In a tribe there are many members.  Those who are ill and those who are well.  A
      Chief presides over the clan of many offering encouragement and wisdom though 
      never dictating outcome."
      "It is not possible to direct an end result."
      So I've been pouring energy into what I want to happen for NOTHING?
     "Power directed into experience is without measure.  Power directed to outcome is 
      lost.  Life cannot be controlled.  It is an organism without beginning or end.  The
      miasma that is US is the wide open space of infinity.  WE simply exist."
      No beginning or end?
     "Infinity is timeless."
     But power directed into experience is without measure?
     "Swim with the wave and ride to shore."
      Send my intention to what then?  A roll of the dice?
      "Claim all possibility while directing power to the wisdom of ALL."
      Back to the wake up drill?
       Wake up!
       Real life beckons, the illusion grows stale.
       Wake the fuck UP!
       A tree withstands wind and freezing rain.
      Roots travel deep, seeking water for nourishment.
       Leaves crumble to dust and are reborn.
       The wave waits for no one, movement is required.
       Breathe, dog paddle, breathe.
       Spirit withstands, is nourished and reborn.
       A wave approaches.
       We are ONE of ALL. 



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