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Monday, March 17, 2014

Giving Birth to Brain Cells

     Yesterday's post was about fear and this one is about resistance.  They go hand in hand and the combo decorates the room of how we experience change.  

     Which by the way, will happen whether we want it to or not.

Ever since I and the crowd I dance in the same age group with hit 45, grumbling whispers began.

     "Texting is going to take society to hell in a hand basket."

     "These computer phones are ridiculous."

     "Online calendars???  Why would I do that?"

     "What's wrong with calling someone on the phone?"

Nothing, unless they don't call you because they are busy living their life. This resistance to evolution seems to be innately linked with aging.  So, I'm not going to fucking do it.  Yes, my body is going south there is no doubt about that.  I'm actually enjoying finding different aspects of myself that aren't related to how hot I am.  The part I won't stop is how I relate to the world as it evolves.
     There are times to get pissed...seriously pissed.  Pissed enough to do something about some stupid thing humans are doing.  Those situations involve what is happening to the environment or our bodies, like GMO's. Resist the hell out of that one.  Those little buggers are nuking our insides and outsides.  But when change involves how we communicate, that's a different story.

     "Why is that different?"

     Because the way humans communicate is always changing.

First the world was going to hell because of the telephone and then the television, followed by the computer.  These inventions are evolving how we communicate, though admittedly tweeking of any new fangled gift is important.  If the telephone hadn't been created, it would take weeks or months to find out something has happened in the world.  The same with the television or the computer.
     Someone recently told me they wouldn't learn how to text because they wanted everyone to call them on the phone so they could have a nice long conversation.  Those nice long conversations happen infrequently.  While the great thing about texting is you can do it while you're too engaged in something else to talk on the phone.

    Hi Mom I love you.

    Are you watching the game?  Me too.

    OMG the funniest thing happened.

It isn't always about long detailed chats.  Sometimes it's enough to just tell someone you're thinking of them.  As well as the convenience factor.

     Can you pick up tomatoes on the way home?

     Text me when you get in.

     Come pick me up.

The same person with the resistance to text also abhors Facebook.  I have a love-hate relationship with the social network.  It is the only way I'm going to see pictures of friends who live far away or hear how people I see infrequently are doing.  On the other hand the price comes with scrolling through it's a lot like a phone call. 
     Pony up over 40's!  If communication is important to you, if you want to know how your college kid is doing, if it would be nice to get an unexpected I love you from a distant friend then get over the techno aversion.  Not only will your social interaction increase you will also be learning something new and dare I say it?  Give birth to some fresh brain cells.

Ps...Google Calendar ROCKS.  When I told my daughter about my concern that I'd lose everything if the internet went down, her answer helped me to grow the fuck up.

     "For God's sake Mom, if Google goes down the whole frigging world is going to crash anyway so who cares?"


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