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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wake Up Mr. Turtle

Photography by Dakota

     There are certain spaces which can suck the life out of a minute without trying; the DMV, a seminar on college tuition and the holding tank for potential jurists.  Signing in at the desk, donating time for enforced community service my breath slowed and the blood began to coagulate in my veins.


Across the aisle a man in his fifties, (oh my God he's my age!), became still. His body began collapsing into itself, his neck accordioning into his shoulders. With a long breath Mr. Turtle fell asleep and soundly from the looks of it.  My envy knew no bounds.  
     There are life skills for which I'd pay big bucks, sleeping in an uncomfortable chair in a room full of bored humans is near top of the list. As is having the ability and nonchalance to change the oil of my car and owning a steady hand to paint the edge of a wall. But numero uno, would be the ability to wake people UP. There are books, seminars and tragic events which create environments for a self bitch slap.  These were the methods utilized in my own Good Morning.  Deep inner wisdom, bottom of the sea deep, decided I'd been napping quite long enough and set about introducing me to Eckhart Tolle, a couple of shaman and a new career.  Even then I snoozed another couple of years until all hell broke loose.  Apparently I learn best when unable to think straight.
     Passing the prerequisite Life Sucks 101 with an A+, I am currently attending Life ROCKS, a course which has no end date.  Waking up was puke worthy, filled with agony and snot.  Unlike internships, there is no desire to see the incoming class endure the tsunami without a life raft.  Thus, with healing so recently in the rear view mirror, my greatest wish is to have the ability to I Dream of Jeanie each and every sleepy head a gentle splash of cold water.


     Wake up, wake up, wake up.

     Asleep, life is far, far away.

     Joy behind a curtain, pain under garbage.

     It is all one in the same.


     Wake up, the world waits for no one, not even you.
     The baby grows, the trees leaf, the planet rotates.
     Each is a part of the whole you see.


     Wake up, without you it's not the same.

     Pieces of a puzzle, a blend of humanity.

     A fusion of all.


     Wake up alive connected to everything.

     One breath, two, eyes open wide.

     See the Sun, the moon, the stars.

     One breath, two, oh my.

     The Universe unfolds.


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