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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How Should I Know?

Right is right and wrong is wrong or so the saying goes
But what is wrong and what is right?
A snowflake knows
It crystallizes without a rule book
Floating on an unmarked path to an unpredicted destination
So I ask

Dear Snowflake
How do you know what is right and what is wrong?
I watch the frozen landscape from my window and wait for an answer.
The snowflake takes her sweet time
Ice melts in drips and pitter pats not concerned with the passage of time
I thrum in irritation watching tick tocks groan by until the lazy flake responds

Dear Deb
There is no answer
I throw a pen at the window hoping to startle the snowflake into a better answer
She ignores my histrionics, floating in a directionless coarse toward the ground

Dear Snowflake
What should I do?
I watch the frozen landscape not sure if I should wait for an answer
Unpredictably the snowflake responds before a drip or pitter pat passes

Dear Deb
Haha how should I know?
I laugh until I stop wondering about right and wrong
I laugh until it no longer matters
I laugh while the snowflake lands and melts into drips and pitter pats

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