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Friday, May 30, 2014

Snafu Land

     Ahhhhhh. I've been here before.

It is the harrowing Land of Snafus. Little and big it matters naught. They arrive without warning and leave with even less notice. Appointments are suddenly bungled, the dogs are up at 5 am and an unsettled current runs just beneath my feet. These are the days of mayhem. Each moment acts as thought its been startled, awakened from slumber unexpectedly. I've been through this before, usually in spring and right before a big gob of learning is going to be offered.


This is always my first response. Followed by a more enlightened reply.

     Am I ready?

     Is it possible to be ready?

Today the bike path presented another offering, this time in the form of a dead wee bird. I presume she was nabbed from the nest by a hawk. Her eyes lie closed as though sleeping, with little wings squeezed in tight and feathers that had yet to bloom.

     Is it possible to be ready?

I cannot know when these days will end and something else will begin. Moments trundle into each other until they don't. It may happen quite suddenly while slumbering or in dribs and drabs as I quietly digest myself. For now, the exotic Land of Snafus is paying a visit and I welcome the unknown with an open heart and wings in bloom.

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