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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free Will

     I recently read a blog written by noted atheist Sam Harris.  My own mish-mash of this and that includes a belief in something other than me running amok behind the scenes.  Mr. Harris includes in his reasoning the impossibility of God if there is starvation, war and dead children.  He and I disagree on this point mainly because of a little thing called Free Will. 

In past ponderings I have fallen to my knees in harmony with the concept.  It worked for me.  

     "We choose whether to do harm or not."

     "Life is a choice."

     "In or out."

This belief enabled me not to feel "pushed" by God or my idea of God.  One thing I am not a fan of is being told what to do.  At 16 I pointed my middle fingers at the shut door my mother stood on the other side of until they ached with the force of the action.
     In the article he makes reference to environment and DNA and the end result, whether human or bear.  He caught my attention.  Since then, free will has become an open question.

Tear for Fears:  Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  • Man uses chainsaw in drunken argument with best friend.
  • Do we have control over our eating?
  • What if fat cells sending their powerful siren call Rule?
He discusses what happens when humans are rocking on Free Will.

     Every choice is held in judgment.

     Ahhhh.  Now Sam had me in the cross hairs.

Judgment is pollution without a chemical base.  It rots lives, corrupts  minds and is catastrophic in building a united world.  Which consequently completely eradicates FREE WILL.

     What if we are like bears?

     What if we are following instinct and society ingrained dictum's?
  • A young man shares his inner most feelings.
  • Children become adults and nuke the nest left behind.
  • Dogs comfort in a time of need.
  • A beautiful woman says "I love you." to a new friend.
If Mr. Harris is right, all monsters are created by history and DNA.  

     Holy fuck, what does THAT mean?

     "It means darling Deb that there is no one to blame."


     "There has never been anyone to blame."

     So, shit happens?

     "The bear isn't to blame if it attacks in the woods."

     No, but humans are different.

     "Are they?"

     Everybody Wants to Rule the World.


     The primordial soup blends toes, frogs, dirt, water, snot and mayhem.  Somewhere in the pot is love, anger, jealousy, narcissism and generosity.  

     Hey Dude, but what about YOU?

     "We ARE one of ALL."

     Hey Sam!  One point atheist, one point God.

     So cool.  I love when that happens. 

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