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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bonni Blue Berry

6 years
A breath
An eon

6 blue bowls are wrapped for a lady ahead of me in line
A dear friend arrives dressed head to toe in vivid azure

Hello girl.  You have come for a visit.

A gallon of blueberries smile up
An orchid blooms from year 5 through to 6
The stem holds 5 blooms and the bud of a 6th

I've been holding the space for you.

Her fur ripples in the breeze as she dashes alongside
We cavort in spirit joy
Our love waves through the trees

This is impossibly lovely.

The brain resists, while the heart embraces magic
Thoughts ward off pain and build a wall
Love sweeps the structure to the side

There is no division between us.

My love, my heart

She runs alongside always.

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