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Monday, May 6, 2013

Game Changer

Photo by Dakota Lecos

     What would happen if every thought, every action moved with decisive force?

     So I had this dream.

     "I know."

     I was something about a game changer.


     What I got out of it is that an intention can change everything.


     Are we talking about me or the world?

     "A decision, brought from Spirit and sent out with intention is powerful."

     Little ol' me or the WORLD?

     "There is no difference."

     What do you mean?

     "ALL means ALL."

     Every intention means something bigger?

     "ALL means ALL."

     What about a half-assed choice?

     "It will bring a half-assed outcome."

     YOU just said ass.

     "Words are descriptors for action."

     "An intention travels light years backwards, forwards and sideways."

     Holy shit, that's a little scary.

     "There is nothing to fear.  Move forward with purpose."

     I waken to the day with a new idea and a belly full of concern.  Growing older had already brought a level of seriousness not achieved in my 30's and 40's.  A concept of targeted power having dramatic consequences raised the bar well beyond a lifetime play date. 

     This would change EVERYTHING.

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