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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Truth Words Light a Path

     A new endeavor has been entering the magnificent world of Twitter.  People who know me well are rather shocked at this turn of events and in many ways I'm surprised too. Throughout the healing experience resistance has been futile, but much effort has been put forth to do precisely that.  As the pace quickened and road signs whipped by it became difficult to find reasons not to accept change. The movement frothed up the past into a consumable smoothie. Pain released in whirling motion, a blender without a lid, contents spewing in the air.  Smoothie splattered everywhere, leaving nothing in the container but distant memories. Yummy.
     Twitter, is a world shortchanged by the impression of short sentences without contact.  A mere toe dip in and I've seen the error in the assumption.  There is plenty of dumb and profane, oodles of self aggrandizement, sales calls and ugly horror.  Typical mind graffiti with a blank wall.  Sentences sent from souls with truth words weave in and out of the mayhem lighting the way.  Wandering the aisle in a bookstore I'm careful and select, missing greatness and passion in the perusal.  In this new frontier the greatness and passion jumps from the feed forcing pause and wonder.
     Over the last month I've begun taking time with each word, sending light back into the world.  A recent Twitter accquintence @MaggsBear, asked if I was being paid to write nice things in mentions.  Four years ago The Universe reached into a broken down soul's life and shook it around, scattering the bits and plunking a rainbow atop her head.  Gifts arrive from the far reaches of All That IS, leaving me breathless with joy. 
     Reaching out into the world is uncomfortable given the frightening stories written about everything "out there".  There are some horrifying tales to weave about life behind the doors of sweet little houses from childhood.  Getting over those released my fear.  Sending light back into the fray seems like a lovely thing to do.

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

Maybe this will be comparable to the "electronic" calendar! I'm still resisting but who knows?
In terms of the light sent out into the fray - I say woot! Kudos to you for your bravery on all fronts!